How to sell your home for top dollar

Here’s How To Always Get The Highest Price Possible When Selling Your Home

There are three elements to determining the value for a house or a condominium and getting it sold in a timely manner for the highest price possible. Those are…
• The list price
• The home’s location
• The interior and exterior condition of the home

The home’s location is what it is. That is not variable and can’t be changed by anything we do.

The ideal list price to ensure your home gets sold is determined by comparing your home with other recent sales on your street, in your neighbourhood or in your condominium building. The value range for your home will depend on how well it compares to those other sales.

That’s where proper preparation of your home before selling becomes very important. After working with literally thousands of buyers and sellers since 1980, we understand what buyers are looking for and what they’ll love to pay top dollar for.