Room-by-Room Review

How Do We Advise Our Clients?

We act as valuable consultants and advisors to assist home owners with maximizing their sale price. The Room-by-Room Review helps a condominium or house owner prioritize what to do to stage their home for the buyer’s eyes, by working on the big things first. The goal… to make your home show better than all the other competitors in the market!

When’s the best time to have a Room-By-Room Review done? The earlier that you do your Review prior to your ‘ideal’ moving date the better.

Why? Most sellers are in the same position as the buyers… working hard and don’t have the time to do a lot of work or don’t have the skills necessary to do the work. In either case, having a longer cushion of time allows those ‘cosmetic only’ repairs to be carried out at a more leisurely pace over several weeks or weekends. That cushion of time also allows a bit of time to fit your fix-ups into a handyman’s busy schedule.

A typical Room-By-Room Review takes about 20-30 minutes of your time, and you’re encouraged to follow along with pen and paper in hand.

We’ll do a walk-thru of every interior room and around the exterior to discover the areas in your home where we can suggest cosmetic enhancements which will catch (or avoid catching) the buyer’s eye.

We’ll create a cosmetic fix-up list that you can either do yourself OR we can even recommend a couple of ‘handy-men’ contractors who specialize in getting homes ready for sale.

Once you’ve completed your cosmetic repairs, we have a Home Stager ready to come over and make the final suggestions on how to maximize your selling price