Mariya Lilly is an experience professional residential real estate agentResidential real estate across the Greater Toronto Area is as diversified as this multicultural city is. Our neighbourhoods define us. – the people, places and events that make it up.  Mariya Lilly provides individualized services and a hands-on approach to buying and selling Toronto real estate—one of the world’s most challenging markets.

A Residential Real Estate Agent serves buyers and sellers as a trusted advisor, helping hundreds of clients successfully navigate the complexities and many steps of buying and selling a single family home, condominium, townhome, or multi-family house. Toronto real estate transactions are known to involve multiple, disparate parties and moving parts, and are often steeped in an antiquated set of processes that can work against the consumer. Mariya Lilly works as an advocate for the best interest of her residential clients, providing a higher-quality experience with a fresh approach to real estate.

A professional residential real estate Agent adds value and does what’s best for the client, without ever sacrificing the level of service. Mariya appreciates that no two sellers, properties or transactions are alike and applies her strategy to create fair, equitable and personalized experiences for each client.

Stephen and Mariya are a local real estate team that is reliable and informed, that cares about the properties we represent and the people we serve. In an age of technology that can be overwhelming and impersonal, we value long-term relationships and face-to-face communication. We offer a personalized approach to customer service, backed by a strong team and a wealth of resources.

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